Dwight Holmbo
Lead Guitar/Vocals/Fiddle/Synth/Harmonica

I can remember The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and The Doors being played all the time in our house as a kid running around with a tennis racket for a guitar. After taking 8 years of piano lessons, I started learning the saxophone in the school band. Next thing I was playing guitar in a garage band with my best friends in junior high, one of whom was Chris Kerber. The year was 1987. Smokescreen was born! Has it really been over 25 years? Soon my younger brother Joe joined us on bass guitar. Being influenced by Charlie Daniels, I decided to learn to play the fiddle, and soon after, the harmonica. As time has gone by I have been very fortunate to stand beside and make music with many talented and great musicians. Being able to make music and have fun with so many people from all different places is what makes this so enjoyable for me. It is the friends and the fans who come out to our shows that mean everything to us and really make Smokescreen happen. -Dwight